Dr. Jackie Ehlert

Dr. Jackie Ehlert

Dr. Jackie Ehlert

Dr. Jackie Ehlert is a registered dietitian who holds a doctorate in nutrition from Columbia University.  Her specialty is the study of nutrition issues related to adolescents and emerging adults. Emerging adulthood is a stage when an individual is no longer a teenager but not quite an adult so it is a very fluid stage of the lifecycle roughly between the ages of 13 to 36.

  • She combines her research interests, which are the study of nutrition behaviors of undergraduate college and university students with pragmatic nutrition advice. She has been a registered dietitian for 21 years and for 15 of those years her practice has focused on counseling college and university students.

She taught nutrition in the faculty of dentistry at the University of Western Ontario and is an adjunct professor and research fellow at Ramapo College.

In addition to her work in academic setting she has worked as a food producer for the Food Network and worked as a ghost writer for major publishers. Dr. Ehlert is often referred to as “The Jane Goodhall” of college dining  as her interests take her into the many college and university college and university dining facilities to study the eating behaviors of students. Her strength lies in her ability to communicate and synthesize complex nutrition information so that it is easily understood.


  • Bachelor of Science, Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario
  • Registered Dietitian Internship, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Ontario
  • Masters of Education, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Doctor of Nutrition Education, Columbia University, New York, New Yorkhe is a registered dietitian/nutrition educator and researcher who holds a bachelor of science degree from Ryerson University, a master’s degree from the University of British Columbia and a doctorate in nutrition education from Columbia University.

Professional Involvement

Private Practice

  • Consults with individuals and corporations and has a broad range of clients.
  • Rich background of nutrition knowledge and experience gleaned from practicing in hospital settings as well as in private practice.
  • Specializes in the work site wellness programs and treatment of nutrition disorders in individuals with obesity, overweight, eating disorders, and diabetes.

Community Involvement

Abstracts and Presentations at Professional Meetings

June 2013 – Ehlert, J., & Yelland, M.  Social Media Used in The SNAAKS Plus Xr’cise program:   A Theory Based Nutrition Education Program Delivered by Peer University Educators. Dietitians of Canada Annual Conference.  Victoria, British Columbia.  

July 2012 – Ehlert, J.  SNAAKS Plus: A Theory-based Intervention Taught by Peer Educators for Black and Hispanic College Freshmen. Society for Nutrition Education & Behavior, Annual Conference.  Washington, DC.

July 2012 – Clinton, S., Ehlert, J., Lapp, J., Morrison, K.,Lapp, J., & Yaroch.  Linking Public Health and a Sustainable Food System:  How Do We Get There?  Society for Nutrition Education & Behavior, Annual Conference.  Washington, DC.  

July 2011 –  Cormier, P., Ehlert, J., Jasinski, J. & Kerlikowske, G.  Leading Healthy & Caring Campuses.  Sparking Innovation Through Leadership.  American Association of State Colleges and Universities – Summer Council of Presidents.  Seattle, Washington.  

June 2011 – Ehlert, J.  (moderator).  Reducing Food Insecurity Across Canada.  Dietitians of Canada Annual Conference.  Edmonton, Alberta.  

Nov. 2010 – Ehlert, J. & Skinner, K.  Dietitians in Action:  A Cross Canada Check Up on Food Security.  Food Secure Canada Conference.  Montreal, Quebec.  

July 2010 – Ehlert, J., Contento, I., Wolf, R.  SNAAKS:  A Nutrition Program Tailored to the Needs of Predominantly Black and Hispanic College Freshmen.  Society for Nutrition Education Annual Conference.  Reno, Nevada.

May 2010  – Ehlert, J.,  (Moderator). Building Capacity for Food Security in Canada and Beyond.  Dietitians of Canada Annual Conference.  Montreal, Quebec.

July 2009 – Ehlert, J., A Global Movement to Localizing Our Palate:  A College Campus ExperienceSociety for Nutrition Education Annual Conference.  New Orleans, Louisiana.

May 2009 – Ehlert, J., Contento, I., Wolf, R.  Comparison of Nutrition & Eating Behaviors of Black and Hispanic College Freshmen to the NCHAS.  American College Health Association Annual Conference.  San Francisco, California.  

Mach 2009 – Ehlert, J.   Eating and Nutrition Behaviors of Black and Hispanic College Freshmen.  Health Disparities Conference, Columbia University, Teachers College.  New York, New York.  

Sept.  2008 – Ehlert, J.  A Global Movement to Localizing Our Palate.  International Congress of Dietetics.  Yokohama, Japan.

March 2007 – Ehlert, J. J.  The Effect of Diet on Dental HealthPacific Dental Conference.  (Professional Association Conference for Dentists). Vancouver, Canada.