Weight Loss Program

Tired of gimmicks that don’t work and want to achieve healthy body weight? Jackie will help you make long term changes that will brake the never ending dieting cycle. She will work with you in developing weight loss goals and will provide you with a meal plan and lifestyle tools. She will monitor your progress and provide you with on-going science-based advice that will enable you to achieve your goals.

Achieving Optimal Health Nutrition Program

This program includes a thorough analysis of your medical and nutrition history, blood work, current food intake, food preferences, food shopping and cooking practices, restaurant eating, supplement use as well as exercise. Based on the assessment , health goals are set and a meal plan and recommendations will be made for you to follow. The program includes weekly monitoring of health indicators.

Sports & Performance Nutrition Program

The perfect program for active children, teenagers and adults that are either training for an event such as a marathon or triathlon or participating in an organized sport such as soccer, basketball, football etc. If you wish to enhance your performance and energy levels this program provides you with expert nutrition and dietary guidance to help you achieve peak performance. Weekly monitoring is included.

Nutrition for Vegetarians and Vegans Program

If you are not sure you are getting all the nutrients that you need as a vegan or vegetarian, this program is for you. Your diet and lifestyle will be analyzed and a nutrition plan will then be created based on your goals and nutritional needs. Vegan and vegetarian tools and resources will be provided to facilitate the achievement of your goals.

Total Nutrition Makeover: Self & Family

This program evaluates your lifestyle; from the foods that you buy and keep in your cupboards to the foods that you cook and eat every day. This program will teach you the fundamentals of good nutrition for you and your family from grocery shopping and storing of food to preparation and eating. A dietary analysis will be done and a nutrition plan developed based on the desired goals. Weekly monitoring and coaching will be geared to eliminating any barriers to success as well as providing you with additional tools to succeed.

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