A Tasty & Healthy Sandwich

Gluten Free Sandwich

By Praveena Thirunathan Around this time of year, a subtle shift occurs in the fabric of daily life. Leaves start to fall, campuses are packed with students, and the local supermarket sells out of bologna and cheese. While students in residence can eat a variety of meals, commuter students make do with a simple sandwich made of the same filling … [Read more...]

On Campus Dining Tips

Fruits available at UBC

By Emma Douglas Living on campus has its perks such as being able to roll out of bed ten minutes before class.  This new found freedom also has challenges when it comes to eating and staying active. These tips may help you avoid the dreaded freshman fifteen: 1. Invest in a minifridge for your dorm and fill-it-up with healthy snacks such … [Read more...]

Getting Off To A Good Start – Eat Well & Learn Well


Living in a new setting is challenging – especially for the first time.  Not only do you face the prospect of making new friends, attending new classes but also of changing your daily routine. Studies support what we intuitively already know that adjusting to University is stressful, and although stress is not always negative, such as when we … [Read more...]