A Tasty & Healthy Sandwich

By Praveena Thirunathan

Around this time of year, a subtle shift occurs in the fabric of daily life. Leaves start to fall, campuses are packed with students, and the local supermarket sells out of bologna and cheese. While students in residence can eat a variety of meals, commuter students make do with a simple sandwich made of the same filling day after day. But your lunch doesn’t have to be bland, jazz it up using the following the tips:

1.  Make if French – don’t lather on the mayo, for a quarter of the calories, switch to Dijon mustard.

2.  Make it Greek – do pack on the vegetables – tomatoes, olives, feta cheese, cucumbers and a drizzle of olive-oil and balsamic vinegar. This vegetarian sandwich is delicious and low in calories.

3.  Make Omega-3 – Smoked salmon, asparagus, and spring onions on foccacia bread for an easy way to get your healthy fats.

From tandoori chicken to maple roasted pork or roasted vegetables, your imagination is the only limit.

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