The Eatery – A Fresh Take on a Vancouver Staple

By Sukhman Perhar

Nestled along the trendy boutiques and pubs of West Broadway is this Japanese restaurant,  catering to students who want to try something creative and bold, yet still rooted in Japanese cuisine. Priding itself on being the “funkiest place for Japanese food”, The Eatery specializes in innovative, non-typical sushi. As a sushi skeptic myself, the variety, and the absurdity ,of the menu items was a welcome surprise with the Santa Roll, Tex-Mex Roll, and Rainbow Roll just a few of many. My favourite is the “Roll Du Soleil” with avocado, cucumber and sundried tomatoes! This particular dish is vegetarian, making it quite light, and like almost all sushi wrapped in seaweed which is loaded with minerals and vitamins including iodine, calcium, and omega 3 fatty acids.  Avoid poring on the soy sauce as one serving of 18 grams, contains 42% of your daily sodium. The menu’s variety makes it easy to stay healthy.

Dinner at the Eatery is uniquely a Vancouver dining experience, combining a young and hip crowd, bright neon in the blacklight, posters and records all along the wall and the nutritious, creative take on sushi – a Vancouver staple.

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